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All of our puppie's are handled and loved beagles lemon puppies

starting at one week of age.

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All puppies come with Vaccinations , worming record, Vet. check health paper, registration papers and create.

Ready  to go  1-4-18

All puppies Microchip

Airbound Pets Guarntee one day shipping   Average price 250.00   Other options available.   Summer time flights are subject to change,pricing and schedule.

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We Exclusively Raise Family Beagle Puppies



Hulls Beagle puppies for sale in mtn. grove mo.


Dogs that have human contact at an early age make better pets.

Not all dogs are Raised Equal

The Beagle is loving,sweet and gentle, happy to see everyone, greeting them with a wagging tail and is sociable, brave and intelligent. The Beagle is excellent with children and generally good with other dogs. The Beagle is a sturdy, hardy little dog, still one of the number one most popular pets in the USA. With a compact size, easy-care coat and happy nature, the Beagle has long had a place as one of the most popular breeds for families.

We take pride in our dogs and in their breed. All of our dogs have excellent temperaments and dispositions. They are family pets that are loved pampered. and cared for at our own home. They are highly socialized, loving playful, and well mannered dogs that make excellent companions. One of life"s pleasures is raising Lemon Spotted Beagle Puppies.


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