Rosco and I are well on our way to becoming the best pals ever! He is doing very well making himself right at home. Rosco has a wonderful nature… and surprisingly smart, fearless and VERY friendly… J stubborn to J

I want to thank you Danny, and your family, bring the puppies into the family environment raising and loving them as you all do makes for wonderful puppies. I saw and felt this when I found your website. I have been wanting and looking for a puppy for a long time and was very glad to have found you, Rosco is exactly what I had hoped for.

Well now, if getting a great puppy from a great family breeder wasn’t enough it keeps getting better. I get a GREAT deal from Danny. I mention to my daughters about getting the puppy… next thing I know they contact Danny and buy Rosco for me. Now at this point I think Danny and my daughters are in cahoots’, telling me the puppy could be 2 weeks away from getting to me due to weather, getting Rosco to the vet and of course time needed to travel 2hrs to the airport which Danny only does on Fridays, and I’m also pretty sure Danny has a job to go to as well, it all made sense to me…

…and then I get one of the best surprises EVER!! Thursday evening… a week to the day after my daughters bought Rosco they show up with him. More than a week early and I HAVE A PUPPY!

Oh MY Ghosh Danny you are awesome!!! I don’t know what else to say, it was a wonderful surprise.

For anyone looking to have a wonderful family dog and a fantastic breed (the beagle) look no further than Hulls Ozark Beagles. Danny and his family are terrific, my daughters told me how nice it was to work with Danny, I’m sure anyone will find the same.

Rosco says hello and thank you for your love and care.

God Bless

Rosco, Jim, and Dianne    1-12-17


Hi Danny! I just wanted to send a few pictures of our baby! She has grown so much in a month! She is almost completely house trained and is already responding to some commands! She is so spoiled and we adore her!! We are just waiting for you to put up your chocolate beagles next year!🐶
We just wanted to update you on her and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cary and Mike Brignac

My family and I love our Beagle so much we thought it would be great for her
to have another companion. We began with a standard internet search and
found the website. I immediately contacted Danny Hulls of
"Hulls Ozark Beagles" to first determine if it was a legitimate business and
to inquire if they had any females left for adoption. Danny answered the
phone, confirmed he had a female available, and explained the process to me.
In the age of Internet scams, I must admit I was quite on guard, but Danny
wasn't all about the purchase. He took some time to get to know me as a
perspective owner and that calmed my fear since it was apparent that he
truly loves the beagles in his care and wanted to find a suitable home. The
entire transaction transpired without a hitch. Our baby was flown in to our
nearest airport and pick-up was fast and friendly. Just look at the picture
and you can see why we fell in love with her from the moment we met! Danny
had the veterinarian check out our baby before we purchased and she came
with the documents that affirmed that. If you want a fast, friendly service
and a quality Beagle, look no further than Danny Hulls of "Hulls Ozark
Beagles!" One last comment: Our puppy quickly became friends with our other
Beagle and within 72 hours our new baby was using the doggie door just like
our other beagle and was "going pottie" outdoors! This puppy is amazingly
smart and a testament to the high quality and care provided before the puppy
even arrived. My friends, don't hesitate to do business here. It was
actually refreshing to see a business owner that has morals,
professionalism, and a mind for EXCELLENT customer service. Thanks, Danny!

Hi Danny!  Just wanted to share some pictures of our boys. The smaller pup is Buzz from your January litter. He is. Great boy and he and Woody are the best of friends.


Just wanted to give you a quick update on Snoopy...It's been 3 months since we picked him up from the Reno airport.
We are so happy to have him as a part of our family and I think he agrees he's found his forever home. We want to thank you for making it possible
and congratulate you for running such a nice service. I was pleased from day #1 in talking to you and through the whole process was even more pleased with you and your service. It was such a great and easy experience from start to finish and picking him up at the airport. No Hassles what so ever. You and your family are 1st class.
I've enclosed a picture of Snoopy and what he looks like now. This is at his 1st dog training class. He loves it and has become a big time favorite in class and all the dogs and other owners love him too. Here's a 2nd picture of him checking out Lake Tahoe for the 1st as well. he loves it. 
Thanks again and we will be sure to stay in touch over the years with more updates and pictures.
Regards, The Holden's (Jeff&Dawn)  and Snoopy.
[Inline image 1]


Good Morning Daniel,
haven't been able to take pictures with her but these are some pictures I took of her. Everyone fell in love with her giving her lots of kisses and attention.
Thank you so much,

    Purchasing our Beagle, Buster,  was an absolute joy.  Danny made the entire process easy and he eased any concerns I had.  My son has always wanted a Beagle, so when I came across Hulls Ozark Beagles I couldn't believe they actually had puppies that were available and ready to come home in time for my son's 12th birthday.  This will for sure be a birthday he will never forget.  From the moment we picked Buster up from the Cargo terminal we were in love.  He was so happy to see us and showered us with kisses.  Buster is a beautiful, smart, fun, loving Beagle.  We couldn't be happier.  Thank you Danny for all your help.

The Trotter Family
Denver, Color

"As a first time dog owner I could not have asked for a more beautiful girl and I definitely could not have done it without Danny Hull and his family. I was very skeptical of getting my beagle not only online but also one that had to be shipped because I live in Canada. I had come across a few breeders that, although they said the right things, something didn't feel right. When I had contacted Danny through email he was very quick with his response. I had decided to call him and I immediately had a good feeling. Danny answered all of my questions and as a first time dog owner I asked many repeated questions which he was more than happy to go through and answer thoroughly. He sent updated video’s every week until she was ready to go; and reassured me the night before that she will be well taken care of on such a long and tiring flight. As soon as I saw her, I immediately opened her crate at the airport and she came at with kisses (as promised)! Danny had called me the next day after bringing her home making sure she was safe and sound.

Even after bringing her home I felt comfortable contacting Danny with questions about training and her funny little habits. Danny is an amazing breeder who's love is shown through these social, energetic puppies.

Danny, I have said this many times over the phone, my family and I cannot thank you and your family enough for all the help through this process. She is a kind, gentle, playful ball of love and happiness.

Thank you Hulls Ozark Beagles!

With so much love from Canada,
Little Cessna and her new family :) "
March 2016

About 3 years ago we bought a Male lemon beagle from you and we are still thrilled with him.  We named him Porter. He's a bigger beagle. He has a sweet disposition. Very affectionate. Friendly to strangers. Lives to play. He had been a very healthy dog.  Of course we've had the normal brake stuff.  He loves to chew so we are very careful. Just a great dog. 

Good Morning Danny and family,
             I just wanted to let you know that Belle (Alice) made it to us safely. She went to the vet yesterday and she is doing very well. She didn't need any adjustment period at. She came to our home like she has been here all along. The kids could not be happier. She is such a love. Thank you so much. 
Sincerely, Steven and Staci Goldberg 

Hi Danny,

Just wanted to let you know that we got Chester home safe and

sound. Attached is a picture with his new mommy, I'll send you some

more pictures with the kids in the back yard when they get home from school

Thanks Steve Goldberg


My husband, David, bought Lexi from you two Christmas's ago (2014) as a Christmas present for me. I have owned dogs since the day I was born. My father raised Saint Bernard's and showed them - had quite a few champions. I've had beagles since I was 4 - got my first one from my Uncle - a veterinarian who also breeds beagles. Lexi, is by far, the most tamed, well behaved, calmest beagle I have ever known. She is so loving and playful. I would love to send you a picture! Thank you for taking care of such great animals! I can't wait until the day we can buy another one!

Hi Danny, my name is Laura and I purchased my lemon beagle Milo (formerly Buddy) from you May 2016 and I just wanted to say, on behalf of my husband and I, that he has brought so much joy to our lives and been such a blessing and if we are ever looking for another lemon beagle we will definitely be contacting you. He is a very energetic and happy dog with tons of personality and brings us joy on a daily basis and we just wanted to thank you for being an honest breeder. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him and he has a great home here and is very happy and we just wanted you to know that. (I hope the attached picture comes through!)
Thanks again, 
Laura Ventresca 
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Hi Danny!
I just wanted to let you know that Daisy Mae is such an amazing dog. She's 6 months old now and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. She's so well trained and loves to snuggle and cuddle. We go on a walk every day and every weekend we go on a hike or bike ride and she runs next to me. She's an absolute sweet heart and I love her so much. Here a few pictures of her now!

Dear Danny and family,

I wanted to send an update on the amazing puppy we got from you July 1, 2016. We live in Wisconsin and picked her up at the St. Paul airport in Minnesota. Her name was Sophie when we got her from you, but we already have a Sophie in the family so we named her Piper. I can't even begin to describe what a blessing she has been. She is smart, funny, loving, sweet, sociable, adorable, healthy..all the wonderful qualities of a beagle. She couldn't be more perfect.  She loves to explore, go for walks, meet other friends at the dog park, cuddle and give kisses, chew on Himalayan dog chews(those are her favorite), and she loves the snow! We can't get over how cute she is. Everyone that meets her said they've never seen a more beautiful Beagle. The lemon coloring is rare in our area. Nobody has seen a Lemon Beagle before. Piper has a sister named Lola, who is a 10 year old Beagle/Rat Terrier mix. Lola took to Piper instantly. They are best friends and are inseparable. Lola was lonely because we lost our 12 year old Black and Tan Beagle Jezebel last summer. Because of Jezebel, we've decided to always have Beagles. They are the most amazing breed. Piper has brought so much joy to this family and she is very loved and taken care of. She just had her first birthday March 7 and she got very spoiled with new toys and homemade dog treats! We look forward to many more years and memories with Piper. Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!

Amanda and Paul Kaminski

Dear Danny & Cathy,
                                      Copper has arrived safe and sound to Las Vegas.
He is a joy and delight to have in our home.
A wonderful addition to our family. We will love and cherish him, and give him the best of care.
                          Thank again,
                                                  David & Lesley Robin                     

I just wanted you to know that your little Bear (Baron Fredrick) is adjusting well to the Prindle household. My three teenage girls 14, 16 and 18 have set down their iPhones, Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, YouTube and homework and have loved walking Baron and eight year old Marty. A new life has been brought to our household. I must say that I have fallen in love with him as you can see in this picture. Thank you for bringing our family joy.
Sent from my iPhone

    Doing business with Danny was an absolute joy. He showed us nothing but
kindness and willingness to help. It was my first time purchasing a
puppy online and the process could not have been any more smooth! Making
payment and scheduling shipping was entirely effortless. He arrived
on time with all of his papers, food, and water. I even got a phone
call that night from Danny checking up on the puppy and making sure he got
in all right. I defintely recommend this kennel and hope that if you're
in the market for a puppy you decide to work with the people at
Hulls Ozarks Beagles! As soon as we picked our Beagle up from the airport and got
him back to our home we opened the crate door and he came hoppin out like
a little ball of excitement. He pounced on the both of us - lickin us
down from head to toe wanting kisses and belly rubs. It was obvious
that he came from a loving home. I defintely recommend this kennel and
hope that if you're in the market for a puppy you decide to work with the
people at Rockinrpuppies!
Thanks so much Danny!
Waldstein family

       Working with Hull puppies was fantastic! A dream come true for my family. My small kids had been begging for a dog for about a year. My 8 year-old son included only ONE thing on his Christmas list...a dog! An 8 year-old, who loves all the stuff small boys want..asked only for a dog! My wife had finally broke down and accepted the need for a family dog and she too had been suggesting it for months. But for months, I rejected the notion, simply because I had grand plans! I would surprise them ALL on Christmas. I hadn't even told my wife of my plans. I searched and searched for the right breed and breeder for our family companion. I searched for weeks.

    I finally found the perfect puppy, a Lemon Spotted Beagle puppy named Libby, on the Hull's website. It took one call with Danny and a smooth personable transaction followed. He coordinated EVERYthing; all the puppy's vaccinations, her veterinarian clearance, her flight to the airport closest to me, a personal letter of advice for her care; Everything. She was practically crate and house trained when we got her, at only 11 weeks old!

     I had my parents take care of Libby for a day after she arrived just in time for Christmas. On Xmas morning I waited until 10am when all the presents were opened and the kids had settled in. My parents had showed up and snuck Libby in through the garage door. On video, I asked my 8 year-old son if he received everything he asked for on Christmas. He had a long look on his face and said, "yeah I guess...well except a dog". I said, "then WHAT'S THAT?!", as Libby came running into the room. His face was priceless. All of the kids screamed in joy. My wife even started crying. Priceless. Libby got so excited to see all the love that she instantly flipped over to get her belly rubbed. She has been a huge hit ever since. She's a great puppy: loving, gentle, playful, obedient. She recieved a compete bill of health from the veterinarian. She is now fully house and crate trained a mere 3 weeks after joining our family. It was an excellent and professional adoption. I can't endorse Hull Puppies enough.

Thank you so much! JJ
Hulls Ozark Beagles

Good morning!!! 
Our puppy is a PERFECT fit!!! She's been very spoiled already!! I can tell that your family did amazing with her!!! She gets along great with our Golden Retriever and our kids!!! It's only her second day here and I'm happy to say NO ACCIDENTS!!! She goes right to the back foot, barks once and we know to let her out. We love her to pieces and THANK YOU all so much for letting her come to us!!! Regarding the "business" side of things, it was amazingly easy!!!  From phone calls to emails, thank you .

Danny- Heidi arrived safe and sound and she's become part of the family already. What a beautiful puppy! Thank you!
The Farrell's

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. We had written an email this morning but kept it in my draft instead of sending it.
We've had a full day of spoiling our new beagle! She's making herself right at home and loves taking long walks in the neighborhood with us or going to the pet store.
I'm sure she's missing you guys but we're already taking great care of her. She's so perfect, we love her already.
I wanted to thank you for the seamless process on getting our new family member. This was easy and happened exactly as described. It is very nice to deal with honest and professional people.
Here is a few pictures of her in her new home.


We are having a wonderful time with her.  She is the queen of the castle.  Smart  cute and healthy.  Let her get a little bigger and I’ll send you a review for your website

Sent from my iPhone

      Thank you Hull's Ozarks Beagles for Snoopy.  He is just what you said a very loving puppie.  He is just right for our family and our kids love him very much.

Thanks for your fast service and great transaction.    

From on the beach

Yes they are doing great !!
They are very comfortable in there new home and are even amazingly potty training awesome most impressed with how good there are!! There play hard and sleep great thru the night already on a schedule.
I will be sure to send you a nice photo and blog soon of the two them with their toes in the sand at the beach
Once again I was blessed to get to be lucky enough to inquire these beautiful babies from you and your family
All the folks who have seen them are most impressed!! So awesome we spoil them with all sorts of toys there very HAPPY!
You'll get a nice write up soon
Thank you

Hi Danny..... so sorry for the delay in getting back to you..... this is my daughter Luna, she renamed Goldy, her name is now “Holly” which is short for “Hollywood “.... just wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to you and your family... We all love our new puppy so much! I’ll be writing a review tonight and posting on your site! I can’t thank you enough!!!!

I could not be happier with the new puppy we received from Hull Ozark Beagles.
Emma came to our family ready to be loved and to give it. My daughter made a life long friend in a matter of moments.
Emma's disposition is truly what you pray for in a puppy. On the other hand she arrived completely spoiled and wanting to snuggle, lol. We didn't get just a puppy we got our new family member.  We could not have found a more caring breeder than we did in Hulls Ozark. Thank you for helping us grow our family.
~The Cravens 

Hi Danny! It's mindy (Perminder) from Canada! I had adopted Cessna (Molly) in March from you! Just wanted to send you some pictures of her and her first official snowfall and a small surprise picture hahaha. Hope all is well! Happy holidays to you and your family! Always thankful for our precious dog! You

Mindy and Cessna!

    We have named her Skye partly because of her grey/blue eyes.

Our daughter was very sad to return to college today and leave Skye behind.

Skye loves to cuddle in her lap.   Thank you for raising a great puppie for the first 9 weeks.   

      the Borgstede family

         march 2016

Daisy Mae is finally here! She arrived safe and sound and is an absolute dream. Just as you and your daughter promised, she kissed me right on the face when I saw her. As soon as she was on the ground she was playing and jumping around and once in the car, she laid down and enjoyed the ride. She met our other beagles, Shelby and Spike, and played right away. She also walked right into her crate (which had lots of toys in it!) and sat in it. I couldn't have asked her a better puppy- she's the perfect combo of mellow, sweet, and playful, all at the right moments. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to get to call her mine.
Thank you, Danny and family! You've raised a great dog!

       Being a former beagle breeder from upstate New York i was very skeptical of buying a beagle puppy without personally seeing the dog. A month before Christmas
our 14 year old beagle died and our two year old boy was left without  his best friend.

        Upon searching in-state and finding no beagles available i turned to the Internet. I found the Hulls Ozark Beagles web site with dogs available and immediately contacted them. They kindly eased all of my concerns and answered all my questions, so i bought a female puppy named Missy Upon receiving the dog in exceptional health and with all the proper paperwork she exceeded all of my expectations.

      Our dog is beautifully marked, calm, smart and has become a key part of our family.
  I would recommend the Hulls Ozark beagles to anyone who
wishes to experience the joy of having a beagle as part of your family.                                                                                                         
Thank you Hull family                                                                                                                            The
Hakes Family, Parker Colorado

Thank you for a great online experience. You did everything you promised and I received two great beagle puppies.
Thank you,

Thank you so much Mr. Hull, you were very patient in answering all my questions and walking me through the process. I'm very happy with Toby it's only been a week and he's learning commands very quickly. I can tell you take really good care of your dogs, and I'm happy I found your company. 

Pandora and Garwin are doing great! Darwin likes to go out for burgers while Dora enjoys a visit to Starbucks.  Last night they shared their first puppy frozen yogurt.  They had their 16 week check up today and the vet said they were very healthy!  They both have have great personalities. Dora is the little firecracker. Always bugging darwin and stealing his toys. Darwin is more laid back but loves to run and chase tennis balls.
Thank you again for such great pups!
Rachel Rudolf


My family and I have been looking around in-state to adopt a beagle but could not find one available and the one that we do find was from a pet shop which very much looks like a puppy mill in my opinion. We were not pleased and will never support a business of that sort. We turned to the internet and found a lot of beagles for sale but not much information about the breeders to our satisfaction; until we came across Hulls Ozark Beagles.

I did a lot of research on Hulls Ozark Beagles and also went through all the videos they published on Youtube of the puppies they have up for adoption. I was very pleased with what I saw, the puppies are handled with a lot love and affection and are great around people. From there on, I was sold. We adopted a tri-color puppy named Sally (renamed to Mustang Sally) and she has been a blessing addition to our family.

I highly recommend Hulls Ozark Beagles to anyone looking to adopt a beagle. Dealing with Danny from Hulls Ozark Beagles has been a joy. Transactions was very easy and spot on with no surprises. Danny has been very helpful in answering all my questions (even though some may sound silly).
Danny, thank you so much!!


Low Family, Highlands Ranch, CO

From Jerry C in Nevada  July 2016
"We are very grateful for little 'Ben' purchased from Hulls Ozark Beagles.  Danny was fantastic to work with as he set up the travel arrangements and Ben passed his veterinary checks with 100% flying colors.  I would definitely purchase another beagle from the Hulls".

Hi Danny, Callie is doing just great.  She is exploring everything and getting to know her new home.   We just love her sweet face and how lovey she is.  We are so happy to have her, she's just perfect!!!   More to come.....I hope to have some more pictures soon.   Thanks again for everything, such a great experience.  
Kristin Davis 

Here is our note for your website. Thank you so much, we love him so much!

I've always wanted a beagle and when I found Hulls Ozark Beagles we fell in love with Bandit. Within a week of talking to Danny we were picking up our newest family member from the airport. As soon as he got out of the cage we were attacked with kisses. Bandit is the cutest bundle of joy who loves to kiss us and cuddle. He doesn't meet a stranger and makes a friend with every dog, big or small. He's such a smart puppy; he already sits, tells us when he needs to potty, and somewhat plays fetch. He takes more naps than any dog we've seen but he's the cutest little sleeper. He's already started his adventures to local states parks and we can't wait to travel with him. We love our sweet little boy so much already and wouldn't trade him for anything. We hope to get Bandit a little sister one day and it'll be through Danny. He made the process so easy and stress free. We can't wait to love on our sweet Bandit as he grows.
Andrew & Leigh  may 2016

It's been just a day since Charlie arrived and he is fitting in perfectly. He's such a well adjusted little guy to with such a wonderful personality.  His new found brother is thrilled to have a playmate and is happy to share his home, his bed and even his toys. What a perfect edition to our family. 

I have to admit I had reservations initially regarding purchasing online and shipping a puppy, but it all went beautifully just as you said it would, Danny.  I could tell from the moment we picked Charlie up how much time and love you and your family put in to your puppies.  Thank you so much.  He is absolutely delightful. 

Danny, Thanks for the puppy. His name is Porter Mac (Porter, as in the songwriter Cole Porter) and (Mac, due to my Scottish heritage). He’s a smart one. After two days, he’s already letting us know he needs to go potty by going to the back door that leads to the backyard. He didn’t care too much for his kennel his first night, but he stopped the whining after 2 or 3 minutes and drifted off to sleep. Our second night, he went right in to his kennel with little disagreement. He even lets us know he needs to potty about 3:00 a.m. That’s great. We’re not waking to a messy kennel in the morning. My wife teaches piano and so every kids who comes for a lesson is “required” to hold him for a few minutes. We’re trying to use that trick to “socialize” him so he won’t grow up being skittish around strangers. Thanks for all of your help. No buyer’s remorse here, we’d gladly do it all over again! Best regards, Michael Blakley

I found the website and watched the Beagles on the video. I Found the one I wanted and spoke to Danny. I picked out Rusty ( I changed his name to Bronx). Paying and the arrangements to get the dog was very easy. I picked up  Bronx at the airport. Bronx was in good spirits and loving right away. I immediately took Bronx to the vet who gave him a perfect bill of health. Bronx is loving, playful, and very smart. The first day he was already going to the back door to let me know he needed to go outside to use the bathroom. I have a 1 year old Doberman they are best friends. Bronx at 9 weeks already goes to the bathroom outside, comes, and sits. He is a perfect fit for my family. I have 2 boys who love him to death. I would recommend a Beagle from Danny whole heartily. 

Thank you for the gift of Baron this year. As our adorable beagle reaches his one year mark, I treasure the joy he has given each family member. Two college kids vowed not to fall in love with him this summer but saying goodbye to him was almost as emotional as saying hello as they returned from studies over Thanksgiving break. The two high school girls had fun with both dogs doing tricks, taking walks and late night cuddles with them during their study breaks. Marty (Barons 9 year old lab brother) playfully chases and teases him and I’m sure loves him too. Baron has brought our family so much joy. Thank you for our healthy, loving, playful and adorable faithful friend/family member.
Thank you,
The Prindle Family

        Bear is perfect!  We were a little skeptical about purchasing a
puppy online when we started looking for our new family member.  Let me
tell you, we were very impressed with all the information you had on your
website.  It clearly identified you as to where we wanted to look at
getting our new Beagle.
  From the first Email I sent you to the last, I received prompt responses
to all the questions and concerns I had.  It was nice to be able to speak
with you as we selected 'Bear' for our new family member.  Even with my
special request to get a video of him you did so without hesitation.
  The travel experience was exactly as you had told us as Bear had to be
flown to California.  He immediately greeted us with tons of kisses.  His
disposition and character reflect greatly on the care and pedigree you
have put into him.  He is better than what we expected!
  We are truly thankful we have purchased a Hulls Ozark Beagle and would
recommend you to all looking for a great family dog.  Danny and his family
were wonderful and a great testament to the high quality Beagles they

Hi Danny
Dandy has arrived in Boston! He arrived happy and healthy and is now chewing on a toy on the last leg of his trip to his new home. He will soon unite with his new beagle brother. 
You have made the adoption and transfer very smooth and easy.
Thank you for everything. And also thank you to you grandkids for helping take care of all the puppies.

Jennifer Edwards

Dear Dan / Cathy
Thank you so much for our 2 puppies
Our experience with the Hulls Ozark Beagles has been nothing but wonderful,from the first hello to when the puppies arrived.
Dan was helpful in every way possible,answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable with a situation we have never been in before.
Friday the 13th turned out to be a very lucky day for us thanks to Dan!
We love that they were brought up by with kids and their personalities show that.
Can't recommend you enough and we feel very lucky to have found such wonderful breeders.
Gary and Denise
Cape Cod Massachusetts june 2016

She played chase with our kids for an hour.  No adjustment period needed with her - she loves kids and is all puppy!!!! 

Hi Danny!

Jake arrived home safe and sound and we couldn’t be happier! He is such a sweet, playful boy and we all just can’t get enough of him. He has spent the past day running around meeting everyone and has finally tired himself out. Thank you so much for raising such a loving boy, we can tell he was well loved and cared for from the start. Thank you again!

Brittany, Jake, and the rest of the family